What role do vegetables play on a keto diet?

A basic rule of thumb for ketogenic diets is: Always choose low carb foods. But we know that there are vegetables like potatoes that have a high amount of carbs, which is why if you follow a keto lifestyle you will want to be careful with some vegetables.


In this article we want to share with you how to include (in moderation) vegetables in your diet without increasing your carbohydrate intake.


A very simple rule

A little trick that you can apply when evaluating whether a vegetable will interfere with your process is the following:


  • If it grows underground it contains a high amount of carbohydrates, for example, a tomato can contain 3 g of carbohydrates.
  • If it grows on the surface, it is low in carbohydrates, this is the case of cauliflower, which can contain about 40 grams of carbohydrates.


Of course, this is not an exact rule, although it may get you out of some trouble.


If you have doubts … Go green!

Another trick you can use is to opt for green vegetables such as spinach, watercress, lettuce or canons, which have a high water content and a lot of protein. Another option that also includes fiber are cabbages, kale, broccoli or bimi.


Avocado will be one of your greatest allies in this diet, as it provides a good amount of nutritious fat and provides that delicious touch to each of your dishes, being an extremely versatile complement to any preparation.


Cucumber, asparagus, celery or zucchini are also excellent green options whose carbohydrate content is extremely low.


Avoid these options

If you are not very physically active, avoid options with a lot of starch and natural sugar such as sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, beets or pumpkin. While if you maintain constant physical activity you can ingest them without problems in a moderate way and in small amounts.


A pocket guide

We leave you a guide with the best low-carbohydrate vegetables, so you can save it on your mobile device and consult it at any time you need.

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