Collagen Supplements: How Do They Benefit Me?

You’ve already read the basics about the keto lifestyle, researched the foods you can (or can’t) include on your plate, the benefits for your goals, your overall health and wellness. But you came across a new word: supplements.


Keep reading, that here we tell you …


Food supplements are recommended in different diets, normally to satisfy a need of our body that cannot be solved through daily intake. Within the keto diet coexist with supplements that aid ketosis and others that simply improve different aspects of your health without harming the ketogenic lifestyle.


However, we clarify that it is not a rule to have to include them but that they are recommended in specific cases. Today we will focus on talking about the benefits of collagen supplements, so we invite you to enjoy the article until the end to learn more about them.


But first … What is collagen?

It is a protein in the human body, it is believed that out of every four proteins, one is collagen. This is responsible for joining connective tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, organs, etc. It is also responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, hair and nails.


Did you know that at 40 your body produces half the collagen than in adolescence? This is because the production of this protein is gradually reduced, which triggers joint pain, deterioration of life, osteoporosis and other deteriorations of old age.


And what is hydrolyzed collagen?

Most collagen supplements come with the word hydrolyzed. This means that the protein will be easily absorbed by the body as it is broken down into its amino acids.


Hydrolyzed collagen = faster benefits

More radiant skin, firmer hair and delayed aging

The intake of collagen peptides improves the elasticity of your skin, also protects it against UV rays and improves the epidermal barrier function. It also contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and dehydration.

Adding collagen to your day to day can also prevent hair loss, thinning or graying, it also improves circulation in the body and reduces the signs of aging.


Reduces cellulite

The benefits on the skin are also noticeable in the reduction of cellulite, since with greater firmness it becomes more difficult for these ripples to appear. Collagen improves the lymphatic system and helps eliminate toxins more easily.


Improve your performance at sports

Another benefit of this supplement is that it can prevent injuries during physical activity. This improves the elasticity of the joints and muscles, also withstands the impact of sport on them.


Have you decided to include a collagen supplement in your lifestyle? Try our Hydrolyzed Collagen powder, we also have a recipe section in which you can easily (and deliciously) include this beneficial protein.

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